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孙永帅 | Sun Yongshuai




(Yongshuai Sun, PhD, PI of Plant evolutionary ecology research group. I received my PhD in Lanzhou University and did postdoc in Sichuan University. My main research interest is speciation, including species divergence under gene flow, hybrid speciation, ecological effects of climate change on tree species. I have published 18 papers on journals including Molecular ecology, Journal of biogeography, Molecular phylogenetics and evolution and Ecology and evolution. Email: sunyongshuai@xtbg.ac.cn)



2004.9 – 2008.7    兰州大学 数学与应用数学专业 学士

2008.9 – 2012.12  兰州大学 生态学 博士(导师:刘建全)



2011.4 – 2011.12   兰州大学 生命科学学院分子生态学研究所  研究助理(群体遗传学组,组长)

2012.1 – 2012.12   兰州大学 生命科学学院分子生态学研究所  研究助理(云杉属植物分子生态学组,组长)

2013.1 – 2015.6    四川大学  生命科学学院  博士后

2013.2 – 2015.6    四川大学  生命科学学院  讲师(职称)

2015.7 – 现今       中国科学院西双版纳热带植物园  植物进化生态学研究组  副研究员

2016.11 – 现今     中国科学院西双版纳热带植物园  植物进化生态学研究组  组长



研究兴趣是植物的物种形成、生物多样性对气候变化的生态响应和进化适应。主要应用生物信息学、现代群体遗传学(Population Genetics)和系统发育(Phylogenetics)的理论与方法对自然植物类群开展组学水平的进化生态学研究,分析遗传变异的结构和地理分布模式(Pattern),挖掘变异模式产生的遗传机制(Mechanism),模拟和揭示植物的物种形成过程(Process),探讨古气候变化/高山隆升对植物多样性的影响(Effects)。

Research Interests

Plant speciation, Ecological and evolutionary responses to climate changes, plant evolutionary adaptation. 

I mainly use the theory and methods of bioinformatics, population genetics and phylogenetics to study natural plants, 1) revel their population structure and geographically distributional pattern, 2) illustrate the underlying mechanisms and modeling the process of speciation, 3) discuss the effects of climate changes and alpine uplift on plant diversity.








已发表论文目录 (***: 通讯作者,IF: 5 – year Impact Factor after publication)


  1. Ru, D., Mao, K., Zhang, L., Wang, X., Lu, Z., Sun, Yongshuai***. Genomic evidence for polyphyletic origins and inter-lineage gene flow within complex taxa: a case study of Picea brachytyla in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Molecular Ecology. 2016, 25: 2373–2386. (IF2016 = 6.6)
  2. Bi, H., Yue, W., Wang, X., Zou, J., Li, L., Liu, J., Sun, Yongshuai***. Late Pleistocene climate change promoted divergence between Picea asperata and P. crassifolia on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau through recent bottlenecks. Ecology and Evolution. 2016, 6: 4435–4444. (IF2016 = 2.7)
  3. Paudel, B. R., Shrestha, M., Burd, M., Adhikari, S., Sun, Yongshuai, Li, Q.  Coevolutionary elaboration of pollination-related traits in an alpine ginger (Roscoea purpurea) and a tabanid fly in the Nepalese Himalayas. New Phytologist. 2016, 211: 1402-1411. (IF2016 = 7.8)


  1. Sun Yongshuai, Li, L.L., Li, L., Zou, J.B., Liu, J.Q. Distributional dynamics and interspecific gene flow in Picea likiangensis and P. wilsonii triggered by climate change on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Journal of Biogeography. 2015, 42: 475–484. (IF2015 = 5.1)
  2. Wang, X., Li, Y., Liang, Q., Zhang, L., Wang, Q., Hu, H., Sun, Yongshuai***. Contrasting responses to Pleistocene climate changes: A case study of two sister species Allium cyathophorum and A. spicata (Amaryllidaceae) distributed in the eastern and western Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Ecology and Evolution. 2015, 5: 1513–1524. (IF2015 = 2.3)
  3. Li, L.L., Sun, Yongshuai, Zou, J.B., Yue, W., Wang, X., Liu, J.Q. Origin and speciation of Picea schrenkiana and P. smithiana in the Center Asian Highlands and Himalayas. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter. 2015, 33: 661–672. (IF2015 = 1.9)
  4. Wang, X.J., Shi, D.C., Wang, X.Y., Wang, J., Sun, Yongshuai Liu, J.Q. Evolutionary Migration of the Disjunct Salt Cress Eutrema salsugineum (= Thellungiella salsuginea, Brassicaceae) between Asia and North America. PLoS ONE. 2015, 10: e0124010. (IF2015 = 3.7)
  5. Hu, H., Al-Shehbaz, I.A., Sun, Yongshuai, Hao, G., Wang, Q. Liu, J. Species delimitation in Orychophragmus (Brassicaceae) based on chloroplast and nuclear DNA barcodes. Taxon. 2015, 64: 714–726. (IF2015 = 3.1)



  1. Sun, Yongshuai, Abbott, R.J., Li, L., Li, L., Zou, J., Liu, J. Evolutionary history of Purple cone spruce (Picea purpurea) in the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau: homoploid hybrid origin and Pleistocene expansion. Molecular Ecology. 2014. 23: 343–359. (IF2015 = 6.5)
  2. Wan, D*., Sun, Yongshuai*, Zhang, X., Bai, X., Wang, J., Wang, A., Milne, R. Multiple ITS Copies Reveal Extensive Hybridization within Rheum (Polygonaceae), a Genus That Has Undergone Rapid Radiation. PLoS ONE. 2014, 9: e89769. (IF2015 = 3.7*并列一作)
  3. Tian,, Ji, M.F., Zhang, Y., Fu, Y., Yu, D.K., Sun, Yongshuai***. The Advance on Homoploid Hybrid Speciation. Journal of Yunnan Agricultural University. 2014, 29: 586-590.



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